Our Flip or Hold courses were developed with care to provide high quality, detailed and immediately useful information for people interested in real estate investing.

Other training programs are often too expensive and provide too few details. Our courses are affordable and information dense to help beginners prepare for large projects. Select courses are accepted for Real Estate Broker Continuing Education requirements in Indiana through a partnership with 101Studies.com. Courses that qualify for credits will be indicated in the course description.

None of the experts interviewed for our classes were paid by us, nor were we paid for including their video interviews on our site or in our live classes.

It is our hope that by providing students with a realistic view of property management and investing we will help people understand better what they are getting into and avoid many problems that new investors encounter.

Our classes are primarily geared toward beginners, with the goal of providing a comprehensive overview of how to get started with low budget, high quality residential investing.

Class content has been gathered from many types of investors, licensed contractors and numerous other experts including mortgage brokers, inspectors, appraisers, real estate attorneys and much more. We have compiled years of research and experience and distilled it down into an easy to learn format.

These courses are NOT get-rich-quick type courses. We hope to help you develop a realistic and manageable path to success.

If you are going to be successful in the long-term in real estate investing, it requires a lot of hard work and a lot of knowledge. Learning as much as you can before you begin can help you reach your goals avoid many problems along the way.


We are located in Indianapolis, and therefore much of our class information is locally relevant and provided by licensed, Indy based contractors. While some of this information is specific to our local market, most information in our classes is also relevant to real estate investors in other parts of the country.

FlipOrHold.com was developed by Victoria Mara Rutt, a real estate investor, licensed real estate education instructor and real estate continuing education school director with over a decade of experience managing tenants and numerous renovation projects.