What is the goal of the Flip or Hold coursework?

The goal of Flip or Hold’s educational materials is to provide beginning investors with the knowledge and understanding necessary to avoid many common pitfalls of new investors, boost their profit margins and provide quality properties to their end buyers.

We strive to provide quality information, affordable courses, comprehensive training and in-depth material. We continually add more content and more interviews with experts so that we help you succeed.

What can I expect to learn from the classes?

We are dedicated to providing a level of detail in our classes that will be immediately useful in real world situations for real estate investors and help first time investors navigate through the process. Our information is compiled from multiple sources and includes interviews with experts in numerous fields relevant for real estate investing, rehabbing, property management and beyond.

Courses include detailed lessons, videos of interviews with experts in relevant fields, tours of real projects by real investors and exercises to help you apply the information to your own personal situation.

The course material is not the opinion of one individual but rather numerous sources from experts with years of experience working in the field on a daily basis. We are focused on delivering a learning experience that will provide real world tools and a clear understanding of how to tackle each aspect of real estate investing. Real estate investing is not for everyone but our hope is that this course will also help you determine if it is the right path  for you and will help provide the resources you need to see the bigger, long-term business picture and have a more organized, successful project start to finish.

How do the classes provided by Flip or Hold differ from other real estate training available?

You will notice a difference immediately in our courses from those of many real estate “gurus” or large seminars.  This is not a get rich quick course. Our goal is for you to learn and be successful in building a long-term passive income stream or large nest egg, and not to spend all of your time and money on training. Why spend $20,000 on a nationally advertised seminar when you could actually buy your first property with that money? Did you know that in Indianapolis you can buy properties from RenewIndianapolis.org for as low as $2000? But before you rush into anything, make sure you have the knowledge you need. We are here to give you tips and immediately useful information – not to sell you more and more expensive seminars. You will be able to learn at your own pace and choose topics relevant for your personal investing path.

These courses are organized in user friendly ways so you can immediately access the information you need most and skip through information you do not need. We want you to be successful for your own financial security, but we also want you to be successful so that communities are improved with quality housing and the jobs that are created by such projects. When done right, house flipping can help build communities, stimulate the economy, provide quality housing and reduce crime.

Select courses qualify for Real Estate Broker Continuing Education (Indiana only) through a partnership with 101Studies.com.